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The ABC of “Azbuka”

The inspiration behind the Ethno village “Azbuka” (A/N: “azbuka” meaning “the alphabet” in the Serbian language), which is located in the Mačva District, only 7 kilometers away from the City of Loznica, came from our genuine love for Nature and animals. The carefully chosen ethno village location is reflective of our strong desire to permanently mark and revive the memory of Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, a major reformer of the Serbian language and the father of Serbian folk literature, since Vuk Karadžić was born in the village of Tršić in 1787.

Designed to award its guests with the opportunity to commune with nature, the ethno village “Azbuka” was built in a traditional style with modern postulates, therefore our guests can enjoy all the comforts of the 21st century in the ambience of old times. The ethno village “Azbuka” is composed of several cascading levels, surrounded by hills, a small lake and a large stretch of virgin forest.


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Етно комплекс „Азбука“

Важно обавештење

Од 1. децембра 2020.

“Азбука” је привремено затворена за све посете.

Драги наши,

Са великим жаљењем вас све обавештавамо да је наша и ваша “Азбука” од сутра за све посете затворена.
Како нам је ваша безбедност, али и безбедност наших запослених на првом месту, одлучили смо да привремено затворимо врата наше породичне бајке, те да наставимо да вас радујемо када епидемиолошка ситуација у нашој земљи буде повољнија.

Желимо вам добро здравље и радујемо се лепшој и срећнијој будућности!

За све додатне информације, као и за датум поновног отварања, пратите наше странице и сајт 🤗

Чувајте се,
С ❤️,